To help you get the items you want before they sell out, you can now pre-order items (where pre-order stock is available). 

Before pre-ordering item(s), please read the rules and regulations below.

If an item is available for pre-order, you will be able to see this once you have selected the color and size of the product. Please note, not all items that go out of stock will be available for pre-order. 

Please bear in mind that if you do place a pre-order it will be treated as a normal order. If your order contains a mix of pre-orders and in stock items, we will ship the pre-orders separately at no extra charge. Once you place your order, you will be charged within 48 hours upon credit card authorization. Failure to make payment will result in your order being cancelled.

Please note, all pre-orders are final. Therefore, no refunds will be given during the waiting period to the delivery of product(s). Pre-Orders will arrive within 15 to 21 days upon placing your order.

Pre-ordering item(s), means that you adhere to these guidelines and accept our Terms & Conditions.