Privacy Policy

Tanara & Co. recognizes, respects and upholds the importance of protecting the privacy of our customers personal and financial information and acts in accordance with such policy. This Privacy Statement applies to all personal information submitted and/or collected through our website:

Privacy of Children 

In accordance with the children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, Tanara & Co. does not collect any information from children under the age of 13. If you are under the age of thirteen, please ask your parental guardian to register for use of our website.

What Tanara & Co. Collects

When you place an order, you grant us contact information, which includes but is not limited: name, phone number, billing address, shipping address and e-mail. We only communicate with you by email, therefore, Tanara & Co. authorizes the right to contact you in the event that an order was placed or there was an issue and/or problem with your order.

Privacy Security

In order to protect from the loss, misuse and alteration of our customer’s information all orders are transmitted over secure internet connections using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption technology.

Will My Information Be Shared?

Information provided at the time of registration to check out will not be used for any unsolicited communication, unless you provide your consent. Tanara & Co. does not sell or rent our customers names, addresses, email addresses or other personal information. In order to maintain our website and enhance our customers right to privacy, Tanara & Co. contracts with selected third parties. As necessary, your personal information will not be shared and/or distributed to third parties unless it is to comply with legal processes at the hand of law enforcements requests and/or regulatory purposes.

Your Activity

The use of this site is at your sole risk. You are aware that you will be personally responsible for all and any use and/or activity of our website and social media pages. If it was determined in our sole discretion, that you engaged in prohibited activities and were not respectful of other users on any of our professional pages we reserve the right to deny you access to our site, at any time without notice, on a temporary or permanent basis and any decision to do so is final.

Links & Third Party Representation

Tanara & Co. has no control over content that may be published on other websites that are linked to Tanara & Co. and the accuracy of information published on the other website(s). Therefore, Tanara & Co. has no liability or warranties for any other website that you may have access through our website. We are not liable and/or responsible to you or any other person for any direct, indirect or other consequential damages arising out of any use of our website, the use of any other linked website(s), the use of any website(s) or any third party material from that matter. We pride ourselves on taking severe measures to protect our website and all information submitted and/or collected by our customers, however, you should be aware that no internet data transmission is 100% secure from access by unintended recipients. As far as permissible under law, Tanara & Co. is not liable for events arising from unauthorized access of your personal information.